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The Descendants of Hiram, James, and Wallace Wilson Historical Foundation DBA Wilson Pottery Foundation

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The Wilson Family



The Descendants of Hiram, James, and Wallace Wilson Historical Foundation, a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1999, is the outgrowth of the Hiram and James Wilson families. Wallace, one of the potters that worked closely with them, had no children that could be uncovered through research. However, due to his close alignment with them through the years, we chose to include him. The records revealed only Wallace and his wife, Vinie.


We are a proud family bonded together since the potters emancipation and their demonstrated love for one another. Our early family members grew up with the notion of cousins and called each other cousin, having taken on the surname of Wilson, though they were aware of the different blood lines. Through their beliefs and lifes efforts, our ancestors have left a great legacy for us, as well as for others.


Through our reunions, held every three years, we began to strengthen our bond, recall our heritage, and open the door for doing more to further the knowledge and sharing of the deeds left by the Wilson Potters. With the creation of the foundation, the door has been opened even wider. We are able to fully promote the legacy of the potters and receive interest and promotion in varied ways to further our goals of sharing this Texas Heritage with all.


Capote, a long standing Wilson Community with the historic Capote Baptist Church and cemetery, is a noted Wilson legacy. With the creation of the Wilson pottery Museum in downtown Seguin and the development of additional sites of interest at the five acre Historic Pottery Site located in Capote, we are able to draw public viewing on a regular basis.


We are proud of our heritage and look forward to continuing to gather information about past family history. Our goal is to continue this extraordinary effort, passing it on from generation to generation.

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Three Wilson Jars
Members of the Wilson family at a reunion
Capote Church