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The Descendants of Hiram, James, and Wallace Wilson Historical Foundation DBA Wilson Pottery Foundation



For your convenience, the form(s) necessary to participate in the upcoming Wilson events have been provided below. To access the Gala form, touch or click "Ticket Order/Membership/Donation Form". To access any of the Reunion forms or to obtain general reunion information, touch or click the appropriate button. In all cases, please download and print the form(s) and mail it/them with your fee(s) to the address provided on the form.     Thank you


2017 Wilson Spring Gala

Ticket Order/Membership/Donation Form


2017 Hiram and James Wilson Family Reunion

Welcome to the 11th Family Reunion

ZDT Youth Day Letter

Reunion CD and Hotel Information

Praise Dance Rehearsal

Off-Site Meeting Information

Reunion Registration Form

ZDT Youth Day Registration Form

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to research, acquire, and preserve that part of Texas History made by the Wilson potters during the 19th Century. This includes, but is not limited to, the acquisition and restoration of the historic pottery sites, collecting Wilson pottery and artifacts, as well as the pottery of contemporary Texas potters, and displaying all for the enjoyment and enlightenment of all Texans, tourists, and school children.

Current Objectives

Our current objectives are set forth to share with the public at large the rich heritage of the Wilson Family. We are pleased to announce that progress is being made in all three objectives, which include:

  • Acquiring and restoring pottery sites
  • Collecting Wilson Pottery and artifacts
  • Raising funds to house a museum of Wilson artifacts and memorabilia

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